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For a small country, Jordan has an extraordinary range of climates, and can therefore be visited pretty much all year round. It is heavily influenced by altitude levels; regions such as the Gulf of Aqaba and the Jordan Valley can be basking in temperatures of 20-25°C, while it’s snowing in Amman.

The best time to visit is during spring (March-May), when the temperatures aren’t too extreme, humidity is low, and the wildflowers are in bloom. However, it can still be a little rainy in the northern and central areas until April. Autumn is also a good time (September-November), as the summer temperatures are dwindling to more comfortable levels.

July and August brings high summer and the lower areas such as the Jordan Valley are extremely hot, with daytime temperatures reaching as high as 45°C. In the desert (including Wadi Rum), it can be fiercely hot, although it’s a dry heat and easier to manage. If you decide to visit in summer, be sure to come well prepared with sunscreen and protective clothing.

Winter (December-February) can be surprising, with levels reaching as low as -8°C. The northern and higher areas are prone to snowfall so bring plenty of warm clothing if you’re braving these areas during the winter months.