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Jordan packages Petra tours Treasury JORDAN CLASSIC TOUR 

8 Days / 7 Nights Itinerary

This tour covers: Petra, Wadi Rum, The Dead Sea, Jerash, Amman, Ajloun, Karak, Dana, Aqaba, Madaba and Mount Nebo.

On this trip you will have the chance to experience the rich cultural heritage and spectacular scenery that Jordan has to offer.

Your journey will take you to the beautifully preserved city of Jerash that lies to the north; the biblical site of Mount Nebo; Petra (the city carved into sandstone that has been lost to the outside world and recently added to the New Seven Wonders of the World), Wadi Rum; and the magical waters of the Dead Sea.

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amman citadel, Hercules temple JORDAN HOLIDAYS TOUR

6 Days / 5 Nights Itinerary

This trip will cover: Amman, Mount Nebo, Madaba, Karak, Dana, Petra, and The Dead Sea.

Jordan is a great destination for a family holiday; it is a land of exquisite sites, welcoming folks and lots to do! 

This trip begins with a visit to the historical city of Amman that has been inhabited for over 7,000 years. You will then visit the biblical site of Mount Nebo and experience the beautiful mosaics of Madaba. We then drive along the King’s Highway via Karak Castle and Dana—a 500 year old village—on the way to the ancient ruin town of Petra. This city is perfect for exploration, with many high points to climb and hidden places to discover. Finally, you will find yourself floating in the sparkling waters of the Dead Sea before a safe trip home. 

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madaba, mosaic, Jerusalem mapTOUR JORDAN

5 Days / 4 Nights Itinerary

This trip will cover: Petra, The Dead Sea, Batheny, Mount Nebo, and Madaba.

This tour will combine spiritual sites such as Madaba, which hosted pilgrims to the holy land in ancient times; Bethany beyond the Jordan; and Mount Nebo where Moses first glimpsed the ‘Promised Land.’

That being said, no trip to Jordan is complete without visiting the magnificent ancient city of Petra. And complement your spiritual journey relaxing at the lowest point on earth—the Dead Sea.

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day trip from amman to Petra, Treasury AMMAN TO PETRA

Prices start from as low as $50 USD ONLY!

Duration: 8–12 hours

Distance: 470km  

This trip will cover: Petra

No visit to the kingdom of Jordan is complete without visiting the 2,000 year old lost city of the Nabataeans. This ancient civilization carved the rose-red city of Petra into the mountains and it is a spectacular site. Accompanied by your own private driver; you'll enjoy tailored attention on your private tour so you can focus your mind on exploring this unforgettable city.

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day trip tours to Jerash from ammanAQABA TO PETRA

Prices start from as low as $65 USD ONLY!

Duration: 8–10 hours

Distance: 254km  

This trip will cover: Petra

You will be taken 2,000 years back in time to discover the city of Petra, capital of the Nabataeans. This ancient civilization carved the city into the face of mountains and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. Today it is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

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day trip to Aqaba from Wadi rum, red sandAQABA TO WADI RUM

Prices start from as low as $116 USD ONLY!

Duration: 6–12 hours

Distance: 108km (round-trip)  

This trip will cover: Wadi Rum

If you’re staying in a hotel in Aqaba or coming off a cruise, or even just crossing the Eilat border, then this is the perfect opportunity to stay with the Bedouins. With just a 45 minute drive you can jump on the back of an old 4x4 Toyota and conquer the sand dunes; have a BBQ lunch in the middle of nowhere; and sip traditional Bedouin tea as you watch the sun set to reveal a sky laden with stars. 

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day trip tours to Jerash from ammanAMMAN TO JERASH

Prices start from as low as $30 USD ONLY! 

Duration: 4–6 hours 

This trip will cover: Jerash

Hidden for centuries under the sand, Jerash has stood the test of time and contains the most well preserved Roman settlement in all of the Middle East. The city is an incredible model of grand Roman urbanism and includes colonnaded paved streets; hilltop temples; amphitheatres; public plazas and squares; fountains and baths; and city walls sporting immense towers and gates.

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day trip to dead sea from amman, saltAMMAN TO THE DEAD SEA

Prices start from as low as $60 USD ONLY!

Duration: 6–8 hours

Distance: 160km (round-trip)  

This trip will cover: the Dead Sea

We take you down to over 400 metres below sea level to one of the world’s very first spa resorts. Used by kings of ancient civilizations, the Dead Sea is still to this day, a popular place for people to escape the daily grind with its abundant source of natural therapies. Prepare yourself for a relaxing day filled with carelessly floating in its high saline waters; lathering yourself with mineral-rich mud; and reading your favourite magazine by its sparkling shores.

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Jordan packages Petra tours Treasury КЛАССИЧЕСКИЙ ТУР ПО ИОРДАНИИ 

Маршрут на 8 дней / 7 ночей

В поездку включены: города Петра, Джераш, Амман, Аджлун, Эль-Карак, Акаба, Мадаба, знаменитое Мертвое море, долина Вади Рам, биосферный резерват Дана и гора Небоо.

В этой поездке, Вам представится возможность познакомиться с богатым культурным наследием и живописными пейзажами Иордании. Ваше путешествие приведет Вас к прекрасно сохранившемуся городу Джераш, который находится на севере страны. Библейски известная гора Небоо, Петра (город, высеченный в скале, который был скрыт от внешнего мира. Недавно он присоединился 7-ке Новых чудес света), Вади-Рам и магические воды Мертвого моря укрепят Ваш опыт пребывания в Иордании

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Petra by night tour, treasury ТУР ПО ГОРОДУ ПЕТРА

Маршрут на 7 дней / 6 ночей

В поездку включены:города Петра, Джераш, Амман, Аджлун, Эль-Карак, Акаба, Мадаба, знаменитое Мертвое море, долина Вади Рам, биосферный резерват Дана и гора Небоо.

Это путешествие перенесет Вас на 2,000 лет назад во времени, путешествие к городу Петре, к столице Набатейского царства, что бы самим стать свидетелем этой удивительной, древней цивилизации, которая построила целый город в горе, город, который на сегодняшний день включен в Семь новых чудес света. Визит в город Джераш, город, который на протяжении долгих веков был скрыт под тоннами песка, который прошел через время что бы дать Вам возможность лично пройтись его улицами, увидеть священные храмы и многое другое чем Вы сможете насладиться на протяжении одной недели пребывания в Иордании.

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