Petra Cave inside

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Jordan

10 - Therapeutic tourism

You may be surprised that Jordan is a place to consider when looking for medical care abroad. It has first-class health care providers; rated number one in the region, and fifth worldwide, as a tourism hub for medical treatment. Jordan offers superior medical care that rivals that of the USA and Europe, at a fraction of the cost. And while you’re enjoying your savings, you can revel in the incredible culture and sites too! The package could not be more complete. 

9 - Abundant culture, history, and adventure all in one

The range of experiences Jordan has to offer is unparalleled by other countries. First captivated by ancient travellers, the Kingdom of Jordan still enthrals new generations. You can cram everything from exploring historical and religious sites, to relaxing in seaside resorts, and hiking through the desert in one holiday.

8 - Competitive prices of a wide range of hotels 

Jordan has over 500 hotels ranging from 5 star resorts and properties, to affordable 3 star hotels. Any traveller on any budget can be catered for. We are here to guarantee your Jordan holiday exceeds your expectations with any itinerary we customise. 

7 - Easy accessibility

Jordan is at a crossroads between Europe, Africa and Asia, making it easily accessible from most regions in the world. Most major cities will have direct flights to the Queen Alia Airport due to its international diplomatic relations and convenient travel route. Visas can also easily be acquired on arrival by most nationalities.

6 - Best cuisine in the region! 

Food plays a major part in Jordanian tradition and culture. There has been an array of nationalities that have made Jordan their home over the centuries, and you will find remnants of their influence in the food consumed today. This twist in Middle Eastern cuisine is something that definitely should not be missed. There are an abundance of restaurants and cafés where visitors can enjoy the experience of authentic Jordanian cuisine, and the gracious hospitality of its people. We’d be glad to offer our recommendations! 

5 – Great to visit any time of year

A Mediterranean climate allows Jordanians to enjoy cloudless, sunny weather most months of the year. The Jordan Valley and Aqaba boast average temperatures of 23°C in the winter months, making them a perfect escape from the cold!

4 – A peaceful haven in the Middle East

Jordan is a comfortable and easy-going place to experience the wonders of Middle Eastern culture. Being the most liberal in the region, and one of the safest places in the world, foreigners from all over are welcomed with a genuine hospitality that is ingrained in Jordanian culture.

3 – The Holy Land

Drenched in religious history, with the oldest constantly populated city in the world, Jordan is home to some of the holiest sites quoted in many religions. The Baptism Site, Madaba, and Mt Nebo are just a few of the spiritual places that harbour not only incredible spiritual significance, but ancient historical relics. Every inch of this spectacular land has a story to tell.

2 - The Dead Sea

At the lowest point on Earth and the world’s richest source of natural salts, is the infamous Dead Sea. This inland lake is the largest open-air spa resort in the world and has been used as such for over 2,000 years since King Herod the Great. Its curative properties are a result of its high salinity (4 times higher than the ocean) and the mineral-rich mud on its shores. Here, you will float effortlessly, experiencing true relaxation and peace.

1 - Petra – one of the New Seven Wonders of the World

Hidden in the rugged mountains lies a treasure of the ancient world. Petra is a breath-taking historical ruin, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Being carved into the mountain rock has ensured its survival and witnessing the stone glow red at sunset is an experience that you will never forget. Undoubtedly Jordan’s most prized attraction.