Petra Cave inside

Jordan - amazing

Tilman Schimmel in wadi rum from Germany

Unfortunately I did not have much time for Jordan, one day Petra and two full days in Wadi Rum.

Petra is so fascinating, we walked there the whole day. Entrance fees are soooo high, 50 JD (approximately 55 €). When you go there, take your time.

Wadi Rum is a dream, so many different landscapes, formations, structures....One of my highlights was a ballooning-tour. To see everything from above is so great.

We stayed at a Bedouin and he drove us through Wadi Rum with his 4 * 4. He knew the very best  palces. It was so good to  learn about his and his families´ life, to eat their food and so on.

Anytime I want to come back to stay in Wadi Rum for a whole week.

We had a perfect tour-operator, if you plan to go to Jordan, let me know and I can give you his adress....

Jordan was an amazing experience.....

written by Tilman Schimmel in his blog 

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